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Ultimate guide to club promotion

The Ultimate Guide to Club Promotion: For Aspiring Club Promoters

The Ultimate Guide to Club Promotionfor Aspiring Club Promoters   Why Did I Create this Guide? If you are reading this guide, you are probably interested in learning more what it means to be a club promoter.  You have probably also discovered that there are hardly any good sources of information for people that want […]

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5 rules of club flyers

5 Things Promoters Need to Know About Club Flyers

A well thought out club flyer often means the difference between a party that is wildly profitable and a party that loses money and dies a slow death. But not just any club flyer will do… it needs to be a good club flyer… one that has the right aesthetic, and the right info for […]

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Club Flyers: Comparison of The Best Online Printing Services

Best Club Flyer Printing Services Online Printers Comparison: Next Day Flyers Print Place PsPrint Rush Flyers  Why are they a good choice? Best for small to medium size orders Competitive prices large selection of sizes Competitive prices Best for large orders Best for custom sizes No small orders Custom design services Large selection of sizes […]

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How to harness the power that is word of mouth marketing: A guide for club & party promoters

(Part 2 of 3) In part one of this series on word of mouth marketing for club & party promoters, we took a look at what word of mouth marketing is, why it is so powerful, and why you need to use it. In this article- I will share a few strategies that I have […]

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Why Every Club Promoter Needs to Invite Key Guys to Guest List Parties

If you are a club promoter, and you are not inviting certain ‘key’ guys to your guest list events, then you are shooting yourself in the foot. You are making your job WAY harder than it needs to be, and limiting your future potential in this business. It is true that managers at exclusive clubs […]

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why club promoters need to invite key guys

Essential Club Promoter Skills: Being a Badass

What one word best describes Tyler Durden (the character played by Brad Pitt in Fight Club)?  If you have ever seen the movie (who hasn’t?), you are probably thinking: Badass. And you are right on the money.  Tyler Durden is the definition of Badass. Tyler Durden exudes confidence.  He is not afraid to do things […]

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word of mouth for club and party promoters

Word of Mouth Marketing – The Single Most Powerful Tool for Club Promoters (Part 1 of 3)

Part 1 of 3 (use the sign up form below to receive email updates so that you don’t miss out on parts 2 and 3!) Listen up!  This may be the most important piece of advice that you ever receive about club or party promotion. If you are a wildly successful club promoter making six […]

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Wix – The Easiest Way to Build your Club Promoter Website

As you build your club promotion business, and start to make serious money from promoting parties, you will want to have your own webpage for your promotion company. Any established club promoter who is serious about the business needs a website. Why you need a website:   It adds a sense of professionalism to your […]

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