Being a promoter entails many different responsibilities depending on what type of promoter you become and how committed you are to promoting.  In this three part post, we will take a look at what those responsibilities are for three different types of promoters.  First, we will have a look at the image / model promoter, later this week we will take a look at filler promoters, and then mass promoters.

Focus only on bringing models / girls that strongly enhance the image of a club

Model promoters / image promoters differ from filler and mass promoters in that they are expected to bring fewer people, but the people they bring must be models or celebrities.  These types are brought to the club to help it establish attract high paying clients.

Building and Maintaining Relationships is Much More Important

There is a limited number of models that go out on any given night and competition is fierce to be the promoter that gets to bring them out.  Even once a promoter has met a model and successfully brought her out to a party, he must maintain that relationship and make sure that he offers more than just an opportunity to party(there are many promoters that can offer this).  Many model promoters accomplish this by carrying their relationship beyond just the party scene and taking girls out to movies, grabbing coffee with them during the day and cultivating deeper friendship with their crowd.

Scouting for New Girls to Bring is a Big Part of the Job

As a promoter, you cannot invite girls that you meet out at the clubs to come with you to your next party.  This is because the majority of girls that you meet out are already with a promoter, and stealing other promoters girls is a big no-no.  Get caught stealing girls from another promoter and you will quickly gain a bad reputation in nightlife circles.

Because model promoters cannot simply meet new girls out at the club, they need another way to find girls that are not already going out, and recruit them to come to their parties.  Many model promoters do this by hanging out near modeling agencies, and chatting girls up on the street when they walk by.

Other model promoters are actually models themselves, or somehow tapped into the modeling industry, and have insider access and plenty of opportunities to meet new girls to invite out; for people with these kind of connections, image promoting can be an easy way to earn a lot of extra money.

Making Sure You Are Promoting the Best Parties / Clubs

As an image promoter, it is much easier to get your crowd to come out if you are taking them to the best parties around.  By making sure that you are working the best parties, the job of bringing people out becomes a lot easier.  Lets face it, getting girls to come out all the time can be like herding cats, but it is much easier if everyone in the city is already trying to go to your club.