Club promoters do not technically earn a salary.  They are contract employees hired by venues to perform a specific duty, bring a specified number / type of person to the club.  If they are sick and cannot do their job, they do not get paid.  If they fail to bring the specified number of people, they (might) not get paid.

Because the payout structure works this way,  it is incorrect to think of your income as a ‘salary.’  It is more like getting paid to deliver people to a party.

So how much do promoters make?

How much you can make depends on a variety of factors but ranges from $1,500 (for top model promoters in NYC) down to $100 per night (for those just starting out, or working as sub-promoters).

<>On top of the money that you make for bringing people, you will also make money from commission on any bottle service reservations that you book for the club.  The industry standard is 20%, but commission can range from 10% to 30% depending on the agreement that you are able to work out with the club.

What does that equate to in annual pay?

Again, it depends on the promoter.  People who are just starting can make about $20 -$30k.  People who are higher up, working at better venues or managing groups of sub promoters can easily make over $200k per year.

$200k a year is a lot of money, but there are also perks

promoting is about more then just the money.  It is also about perks.   You get access to your city’s best parties.  You and your friends drink for free.  You get to meet tons of new people and party with them.  Friends if mine in the industry who have been doing it for a long time have managed to get free flights to Vegas on private jets, trips to Miami, invitations to private parties – all through people that they have met while working.

What about event promoters?

Event promoters are compensated a little differently, and there is a lot more variety in the ways that they are paid.  Depending on how much responsibility they have for the event, they may receive all the profits (what is left from the night after covering expenses) or they may receive a percentage of bar sales and a percentage of the door cover.

Generally speaking, there is a lot more opportunity to make big money as an event promoter (event promoters are the only ones earning millions in this business), but there is also more risk if your events do not go well (you have to cover costs out of your own pocket).

The most successful event promoters are those that have created events that happen every year, again and again.  Events that people look forward to attending all year.

Some examples of these super successful events, that earn in the 8 figures every year, are these ones- that you have probably heard of.

Ultra Miami – A huge two weekend EDM music festival in Miami

Coachella – A huge two week music festival held in the deserts of California every year – makes $$$$$$$

Electric Daisy Carnival – A huge EDM festival originally started in LA, now held in Las Vegas and New Jersey.

So How much do event promoters actually make?

It is harder to nail down an exact number for event promoters. Smaller promoters who work in regional locations can make a few hundred or a few thousand dollars per event. Larger promoters in big cities may make tens of thousands, or even millions on a single event.