Alright promoters, today we are going to talk about how to create a Facebook page and use it to promote your events.

A Facebook PAGE is not the same as a Facebook Group (which you should also create, but we will talk about that in another post).

Facebook pages are important- can make you heaps more money, and require very little time to maintain.  In the last few years, Facebook as become one of the most important tools available to club and event promoters- You absolutely must use a Facebook page.

First – How to Create a Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook Page is so easy that I am not going to waste your time explaining it.  Just go here and follow the steps.

If you are confused, or want to make sure that you are not making any mistakes, you can check out the guide that Facebook put together on how to create a page- read it here.

How Club Promoters and Event Promoters Should Use Facebook to Promote Parties and Events

Now that you have created your page and set it up with a cover photo, logo for your promotion group. Your contact info and other necessary details- it is time to get started putting your group to use.

Using your fan page is pretty simple, and pretty much the same no matter what kind of promoter you are.  There are basically 3 things that you want to constantly be doing with your page:

#1 Posting Photos – You want to post good photos from your parties – if you don’t know what makes a good photo then you need to read the guide to photos for club and event promoters.

#2 Posting Event Flyers / Info – This is a no brainer, you want to spread the word about your events so that people who have liked your fan page are up to date about your events. 

#3 Inviting your friends to like your fan page – Again, this is pretty simple.  But you will want to stay on-top of it to make sure you are getting as many people to like your fan page as possible.  Having a large following will help you get more business, and make it easier for you to bring masses of people to your events.

How Club Promoters Benefit From a Fan Page –  

  • Image Promoters / Filler PromotersThese types of club promoters (read about image and filler promoters here if you don’t know what they are) benefit from a fan page in three ways.

1.       Build a nightlife brand As an image / filler promoter, your brand is important in helping you convince club managers that you have not worked with before to higher you- your Facebook Page helps you by showcasing some of your work- almost like a resume or a photographer’s portfolio. 

2.       Building crowd loyaltyCrowd loyalty is super important for image / filler promoters.  Having a page to post photos from your events, and tagging people from your crowd in them, is great for building loyalty it helps people feel like they are part of your group.  People love to see photos of themselves, having a bunch of party photos for them to look at on your page helps them associate you and your parties with all those good times that they had – and keeps them coming back for more. 

3.       Book table clients – as an image / filler promoter, your Facebook page is not super useful for inviting people to your events.  Because you are bringing out a smaller group, and you have to be more selective about who your bring (image, remember) you need to contact people in a more personalized way – such as with targeted mass texting.

But!!!- your page can get you table clients – All that you have to do is post the party fliers for you events on your page with a message instructing people to contact you for bottle service reservations –  if you have a large enough following this can be a pretty good method for getting commissions on tables $$$).

  • Mass Promoter / Event PromotersFor this type of promotion, all you really care about is getting as many paying customers through the door as you can.  You are still just posting party flyers and photos to your page, but the benefits are a little different

1.       Get people to your event –  This is pretty simple,  people that have been to your parties like your fan page, and they see posts about your upcoming parties on their news feed- some of them will come out to your events.

2.       Build a brand – As an event promoter, your page is a good way to convince people that are considering coming to your event to buy tickets.  People will be telling their friends about your event and trying to convince them to come – having a page with a bunch of info and photos from your party is a great way to encourage them to come out.  Here are a couple pages that do a good job of this – the elf party, Bounce Boat, and of course Ultra Miami