In part one of this series on word of mouth marketing for club & party promoters, we took a look at what word of mouth marketing is, why it is so powerful, and why you need to use it.

In this article- I will share a few strategies that I have learned.

These tips are really more than just mere tips.  They are an entire philosophy of how you should run your business.

Learning how to effectively use word of mouth marketing is the single most important thing that a club promoter can do.   It is the difference between begging for pennies, and pulling down $1000 pay checks every night.

If you learn how to do these things correctly – people will spread the word about you and your events, like you are a cult leader or something.

#1 Be the kind of person that people want to say good things about

In this business your reputation and what people say about you is everything.  People come to your events not just because they are a good time, but also because they are coming to see you.  You need to be the kind of person that has charisma, the kind of people that effortlessly attracts others, the kind of person that people say nothing but good things about.  (read more about developing the right kind of attitude to be a club promoter here)

You need to build trust and make sure that people are happy with what you are doing.

Always treat people with respect and make sure that they know you are happy to see them.

#2 Make something about your party conversation worthy

The best way to get people to talk about your parties / events is to make sure that there is something conversation worthy about them.  In order for people to talk about your party, there has to be something interesting that happens.

It is natural for people to want to tell their friends about interesting / unusual / awesome things that they have experienced.

You can learn to take advantage of this by designing your events in a way that makes people want to tell their friends about them.

There are three standard ways that clubs / party promoters are already doing this:

  • Hot people – If your party is stocked with hot girls / boys, people will talk about it.  They will tell their friends.  All it takes is one really attractive person to catch someone’s eye to keep them talking about your party for weeks.  This is why model / image promoters are so effective- they get people talking.
  • Celebrities – If having hot people at your party gets people talking- having celebs at your party will have them yelling at the top of their lungs about your party.  People will even talk about C-list celebs.  This is the kind of thing that blows up on Twitter—if a celeb walks into your party you can be sure that the entire nightlife scene in your city will know about it instantly.
  • Something unusual – Having something unusual happen at your party is another great way to get people talking about your party.  Unlike attractive people and celebs, which you usually have to pay a ton for, using novelty to get people talking can be extremely cost effective.  A little creativity goes a long way toward getting people to spread the word about your party. 

Here are some examples of parties that get people talking by doing something unusual:

  • The Box in NYC – The Box uses shocking performances to get people talking – everyone that has been there has their “Box” story-  my Box story is of the time a female performer took a shit (fake, I hope) on a bunch of cupcakes and then served them to other cast members.
  • The Elf Party in San Francisco – This party gets people talking by taking advantage of a holiday theme.  Guys are required to dress as elfs, girls are required to dress as Santa Claus-  people have a great time about it and tell all their friends because it is unique and unusual. 
  • Drink the tree – This party was organized by a couple accountant friends of mine.  It started as an annual party in one of their apartments, and grew into a huge event where they rented out a club and sold tickets online.   They would bring in a bunch of Christmas trees decorate them with mini bottles of alcohol as ornaments.  Guests would take down the tiny bottles and drink them, hence the name of the party: Drink the tree.  The uniqueness of the party got people talking, and every year the party grew and grew until it was a big money maker. 

There is no limit to what you can do; it just takes a little creativity to plan something that will get people talking about your parties.

#3 Give people a way to spread the word

This is where social media comes into play.  In my experience, the most effective way to get people talking about your events is by using pictures.  The two most important social media sites for spreading the word about your parties are Facebook and Instagram.

By posting plenty of photos of the people at your parties and tagging them, you will effectively be reaching out to all of that person’s friends- spreading the word about your event.

I will talk more about how to do this effectively in part three of this word of mouth series.

#4 Focus your efforts on social influencers

The best way to make sure that word of your parties spread far and wide is to enlist the help of social influencers.  Social influencers are people who have a large network of friends, and who are leaders in their social group.  When they and their friends are going out, they are usually the ones who are responsible for making the plans.

You need to recruit these people to come to your parties.  Give them perks (hook them up with drink tickets, or invite them to drink at your VIP table).  Keep these people happy and soon everyone in the city will know about your parties and want to go to them.

#5 Make it easy for people

Anytime that someone recommends one of your events to their friends, they are taking a social risk.  If the event that they recommend turns out to be a disaster, the person who recommends the event will lose some cred over it.  That is why you need to make it easy for people to recommend your events by making sure you consistently deliver the same kind of experience.

Consistency is key.  Without it you cannot build a brand, or a following.  Without it, people will be afraid to recommend your events.

Final words

These are just a few strategies that a club / party promoter can use to get people talking about their events—the possibilities are latterly endless.   In part three of this series we will take a look at how to get the most out of word of mouth marketing efforts.

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