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Listen up!  This may be the most important piece of advice that you ever receive about club or party promotion.

If you are a wildly successful club promoter making six figures, then you definitely already do a great job at this.  If you are not wildly successful yet, this is what will take you to the next level.

What I am talking about has the potential to completely change your trajectory in this business.

So what am I talking about?  Simple.  I am talking about the most powerful and credible form of marketing known to man—word of mouth marketing.

What is word of mouth marketing?

Word of mouth marketing, as it pertains to club promoters, is an unpaid form of promotion where people who had a great time at your parties tell other people about them.  Word of mouth marketing is also the most powerful form of advertising in existence.  There is no better way to make your events profitable and successful then harnessing the power of word of mouth marketing.

Why is word of mouth marketing  such a powerful promotional tool?

Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful promotional tool because it is the most trustworthy form of marketing.  Advice about a party that people receive through word of mouth is credible because every time that someone recommends a party to a friend, they put their reputation on the line and they don’t stand to gain personally from the recommendation… powerful stuff.

Research has shown that a word of mouth recommendation is the primary factor in up to %50 of decisions to try a product for the first time- nowhere is this more true than with a party.

Reasons why you need to take advantage of word of mouth marketing

#1 It works for you even while you sleep

If you use word of mouth effectively, it is like building an army of marketers that will actively spread the word about your parties, for free.  Learning to set up your events, and your brand as a promoter, properly so that you can take advantage of word of mouth marketing is basically the same as hiring everyone that comes to your event as a sub-promoter, only you don’t have to pay them and it is even more effective at getting people to your party!

#2 It helps you build a loyal following

Any experienced club promoter knows the value of crowd loyalty.  It is impossible to succeed as a party promoter if you do not have a loyal crowd.  As it happens, the things that will allow you to take advantage of word of mouth marketing are the same things that will allow you to build a loyal following.

#3 It has a long-term impact on your business

As a club promoter, if you do your job correctly, people will be talking about your events for weeks, months or even years.  For example, just the other day a friend of mine told me about these cool loft parties where some promoter had rented out space in SoHo and thrown some awesome underground parties.  The events were years ago and she was still talking about them as if they were the greatest things ever.   That is what you want!  That is what gets people to your parties.

Word of mouth marketing is the only kind of marketing that has a long-term effect like this.

#4 It strengthens your brand

Word of mouth advertising as far more potential to strengthen your brand than anything else out there.  Tweeting, texting, Facebook fan pages and so on can only really take you so far- and if you rely on them exclusively to build your brand / advertise your events you are almost certain to be labeled an annoying promoter (people don’t like spam messages).

In upcoming posts we will take a look at strategies that you can use to take advantage of word of mouth marketing (post number 2) as well as reasons why you cannot rely on word of mouth marketing alone ( post number three).